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Ecological Asset Management - Divisions

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Environmental Consulting & Planning

EAM works with our clients’ and customers to develop projects that meet their needs and provide an appropriate level of environmental protection, restoration, or enhancement.  Our ability to work with a broad spectrum of clients such as private sector customers, regional stakeholders, state and federal agencies allows us to consult and balance between the wants and needs of our clients and deliver a service that benefits all interested parties.  When consulting and planning we always consider environmentally sensitive areas, permitting requirements, community planning goals and cumulative effects of the project.


EAM staff is well versed in interacting with project development teams including engineers, architects, economists, and program managers.

Areas of Experience:

  • Residential Development

  • Commercial Development

  • Beachfront & Waterfront Protection Efforts

  • Beach Nourishment

  • Piers, Marinas & Boardwalks


Example of services performed by EAM:

  • Wetland Delineations and Jurisdictional Determinations

  • State and Federal Wetlands and Streams Permitting (Joint Permit Application)

  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys

  • Section 10 Permitting

  • Sections 404 and 408 Permitting

  • Mitigation and Banking Program Development

  • Protected Tree Surveys

  • Compliance Monitoring Programs

  • Environmental Assessments

Consulting & Planning

Coastal Restoration

Coastal shorelines and waterfront areas are continuously faced with habitat destruction and degradation which in turn immediately impacts and threatens the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and their functions.    Coastal restoration efforts have the potential to reverse this destruction and regain the necessary balance needed to support these critical ecosystems.  In the Gulf South Region, EAM is blessed with the ability to work in a vast spectrum of waterfront habitats from salty, open water areas of the barrier islands to the brackish water of the protected bays to the fresh water rivers, bayous and canals. 

EAM has vast experience in studying, designing, implementing, and constructing site specific protection and restoration efforts to regain the lost quality, function, protection and aesthetic values of shoreline and waterfront areas.  EAM has restored hundreds of acres of terrestrial, barrier island and nearshore dunes and coastal marshes as well as designed and installed various shoreline protection methods in these waterfront environments.

Coastal Restoration

Project Management

EAM takes the responsibility of project management seriously.  Protecting the environment is always in our forecast and we continue to find that critical balance between private industry and local, state and federal governments.  We have direct experience in combining strong organizational management skills with experience on relative environmental issues, safely and regulations.  Coordinating construction tasks, oversight of environmental and technical fieldwork, preparation of contract submittals, task schedules and planning curves as well as accident prevention plans, area-use, equipment (plans and environmental protection plans are all critical items of a great project management team.  We often coordinate with design, engineering and construction teams/personnel and assist with proposal, project and subcontract procurement.    

Project Management
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